This project is the initiative of Ellis Bynum, one of the Sibernet-l members. She suggested we have a card which could be mailed to people who make donations to the rescue fund on behalf of others or themselves. She had a drawing done and arranged for production of the cards. The artist is Christa Vande Zande.

The Siberian Husky drawing shown on the left is on the cover; the inside describes what the SOS - SRF is all about and what we've done. The inside right reads "A donation has been made in your name to the Save Our Siberians Siberspace Rescue Fund". The back gives the web site address and the address for additional donations.

The minimum donation per card is $5.00.

Please fill in the following form, print it and mail it, with your cheque (US funds only) payable to the SOS-Siberspace Rescue Fund to:
   SOS-Siberspace Rescue Fund
   c/o 2633 S Bascom Ave
   Campbell CA 95008



e-mail Address:

Number of cards:     Total Donation:    

THANK YOU from Ellis & Niko (BOOOWOOOO!!!) and us at SOS-SRF.