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SOS-Siberspace Rescue Fund
c/o 2633 S Bascom Ave
Campbell CA 95008

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See our Guidestar page.

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The SOS-SRF Board:

Chairperson Pat Tetrault
Treasurer Randee McQueen
Recording Secretary Cheryl Dawson
Corresponding Secretary
(and Rescue Cases Write-ups)
Ursula Rempel
Rescue Applications Interim Coordinator - Kristine Biagiotti
Webmaster and Auctioneer Maureen Lamb
Orders and Siberwool Distribution Kristine Biagiotti
Merchandise Coordinator Mary Ann Strock
Member at Large Jane Ramirez
Member at Large Gail Roberts
Member at Large / Legal Advisor Rita Young
Member at Large Tammie Variano
Founding Member and Member Emerita Barb Branham