Richard and Julie L. Moreland Heart Fund


In 2011, Julie L Moreland, a long-time owner and lover of Siberian Huskies and a tremendous supporter of Rescue, died in a tragic accident. In honor of her, her husband Richard made a generous contribution to SOS-SRF and requested that the group reserve the money to keep alive her memory and her dedication to helping the breed they loved. Richard died in January 2023, so we are adding his name to the fund.

Toward this end, SOS-SRF has established the Richard and Julie L. Moreland Heart Fund, to be used exclusively for Heartworm cases where costs exceed our generally accepted guidelines for reasons SOS-SRF deems valid. This could be, for example, because of medical complications or because the rescue group has been faced with a large number of Heartworm cases and is experiencing difficulty in raising sufficient funds to cover them.

Any Siberian Husky rescue faced with a costly heartworm case or multiple cases can apply for funding using the application posted on our website.
PLEASE NOTE THE REQUIREMENTS AND PROCEDURES for submitting an application!! (See link on left.)

Anyone wishing to donate to the Richard and Julie L. Moreland Heart Fund through PayPal can use the Donate button on the left.

Thank you for all you do for the breed we love and for your support of our cause.


- This video from the Heartworm Society is used with permssion: View now

- Click here for information from the American Kennel Club.

Hearts Helping Hearts (2024)

This is a two week Valentine's campaign during which we will send out special thank you valentines to your special person in exchange for a donation to this heartworm fund. (click on our home page for more information.) Donors will be listed here (you choose what you want to see). There is a place to enter an address and message on the second payment page - click the plus sign.

Messages and Donors

  • In Memory of Richard and Julie Moreland whose legacy has saved so many deserving Siberian Huskies and Siberian Husky mixes. With sincere appreciation - anon.
  • PJ sends her Valentine to the SOS-SRF: "Thank you because I know how much time and love goes into all that you do, so, if you want, make the Valentine's Day Card out to you and the SOS-team as I truly do love you all!"
  • To Kylie Lane, A Very Happy 18th Birthday, on Valentine’s Day, from your special canicross pal, with love, Butter and Family.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day, Clare (and Ginger too) for all of the good you do to help people and animals, please know you are loved, Hugs, Tammie.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to All of our Wonderful friends at Rising Sun Veterinary Clinic with lots of love and appreciation. You Are the Best! Butter and Zuzu.
  • In loving memory of my heartworm positive, Adopt a Husky foster, Holy Mollee, who was unable to be treated because she was a senior who also had advanced cancer. She lived large as an "in sanctuary dog" and never missed an opportunity to teach a life lesson. I really Miss you, Tammie.
  • In loving memory of all my Bridge kids, until we meet again. Love, Tammie.
  • To Daniel Strock from Mom, Dad, Allison, Katy, Stevie, Lyra and Julian.
  • To Linda Lehman, from Julian and family.
  • To Laura and Romil from Lyra, Stevie and family.
  • In memory of all our lovely animals now living and those gone. Especially Ullis, Sheebi and Taiga to be remembered. Gunvor and Jürg Schoch.
  • Lauren McGavran to Harry McGavran.
  • Laurie from AZ in memory of her sweet Labrador Retreiver Buddy and and her cat Maerrick who passed away within two months of each other. Both were over 16.
  • For my little Siberian Valentine, Jemmy, who owns my heart and brought me a lifelong friend, in her Adopt-A-Husky foster mom, Tammie. I am doubly blessed. Leanne Banas.
  • From Raven and Diane.
  • From Beth, "In loving memory of Zen-Benny. If love could have saved him, he would have loved forever."
  • From Joan, "To my little Valentine, Indy, my Husky mix and heartfelt family member."
  • From Dave, "In loving Memory of some of the best Huskies; My best boy Cisco, Jazzie, Skye, Tasha, Nakita, Marci, Stoli, Chinook, Zoe, Mystic, Magic, Bandit (Mal), fosters, Marlie and Ruby too."
  • From Pat Johnson, "In memory of Candy and Archie and all our furry companions who are in our hearts."
  • From Clare:
  • 1) In honor of Tammie V. whose heart holds so much love for all the dogs, Happy Valentine's Day!
  • 2) In honor of the Eagan Family: Katie, Jeff, Anna, Addison, Ava and the furry ones: Wrigley and Cleo. Their hearts are so full of Love. Happy Valentine's Day!
  • 3) In honor of the Filipiak Family: Tom, Cecilia, Ken, and little furry Amber, who give me so much love! Happy Valentine's Day!
  • 4) Happy Valentine's Day, my beloved furry companion Ginger, and my furry Angels Britney Ann, Sugar, Shautz, Snookie, Samantha, Scottie, Treasure and Candy, who are always in my heart!
  • From Kelly to help Siberians. My husband Nick is an amazing doggie daddy! Happy Valentine's Nick!