Since our inception in 1998 we have had a booth at all the Siberian Husky Club of America's (SHCA) National Specialties. For many years our resident artist, Barb Branham, produced a Howliday card image. Many people appreciated the understanding of Siberian Huskies that Barb captured in her pictures and the cards were a great success. Barb retired from this activity after producing the 2020 image. All the cards can be viewed by clicking the "Howliday Cards Archive" link on the left. Barb's artwork also adorned clothing, note cards, tote bags, tick keys and other items that we sold over the years. Since 2019 we have been running clothing sales campaigns with companies that provide the shirts to order and we have no leftover inventory.


- SHCA Nationals, Midland, MI
- Halloween T-shirt
- "Whose Idea was This?" - Christmas 2022 T-shirt Christmas T-shirt Halloween 2022


- SHCA Nationals, Mesquite, TX
- Faster than the speed of light T-shirt (Spring)
- Howling Fun T-shirt (Early winter) Winter 2021 Spring 2021


- SHCA Nationals cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic
- Huskies with Masks T-shirt (Fall) Fall 2020
- Husky with Tulips T-shirt (Spring) Spring 2020


- SHCA Nationals, Wilmington, Ohio Fall 2019
- Barb Branham Christmas card - 2 husky puppies eying the pies
- Sleeping Silly T-shirt (Fall)


- Our 20th Anniversary
- SHCA Nationals, St. Charles (Chicago), Illinois
- no Christmas card - we reissued the 2010 card
- New merchandise: fanny pack treat bags, 20th anniversary ornaments


- SHCA Nationals, Virgina Beach, Virginia
- Barb Branham Christmas Card - Re-issue of Husky Adult and Pup with a parcel under a Christmas tree (2005)
- New merchandise: tick keys with SOS-SRF logo.


- SHCA Nationals, Sturbridge, Massachusetts
- Barb Branham Christmas Card - Huskies and Red Aurora
- New merchandise: tote bags with Huskies and Aurora (original) image, polo shirts with the 3 puppies embroidered logo and sweatshirts, long-sleeved t-shirts and nightshirts with the Huskies and Red Aurora image.


Rainbow Bridge

It was with great sadness that we announced the passing of Bob Baker on November 30, 2015. Bob was our Rescue Coordinator since 2002 and was a very valued member of our board. Bob was devoted to the Siberian Huskies in his life and to the breed in general. We hope that our loss will be their gain as they meet him once again at the Rainbow Bridge. Godspeed, Bob.

- SHCA Nationals, Topeka, Kansas
- Barb Branham Christmas Card - Wenatchee and his "woobies"
- New merchandise: Tie-dye short-sleeved T-shirts - "Keep Calm and Pluck on"


- SHCA Nationals, San Diego, California
- Barb Branham Christmas Card - Three puppies playing with ribbon


- 15th Anniversary
- SHCA Nationals, Midland, Michigan
- Barb Branham Christmas Card - Adult Husky(Tia Rempel) and puppy (Shadow Branham) with stick and red bird
- Sweatshirts, Long-sleeved T-shirts and Hoodies with 2013 image
- Nightshirts with 2013 image


- SHCA Nationals, Provo, Utah
- Barb Branham Howliday Card - Huskies and Aurora
- Sweatshirts, Long-sleeved T-shirts and Hoodies with Huskies and Aurora image
- Nightshirts and T-shirts with potato chip image
- Car sun shades with running husky image


- SHCA Nationals, Fitchburg, Massachusetts
- Barb Branham Howliday Card - 2 singing huskies


- SHCA Nationals, Laurence, Kansas
- Barb Branham Howliday Card - 2 huskies sleeping in front of a fire place


- SHCA Nationals, Chattanooga, Tennessee
- Barb Branham Howliday Card - Mom and pup with holly


- 10th Anniversary (Anniversary quilt raffle won by Howard Boyle)
- SHCA Nationals, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
- Tree of Life Quilt. People purchased "leaves", which were displayed on the tree,
   in memory of their departed dogs.
- Barb Branham Howliday Card - black and white husky sleeping in the snow
- New Nightshirt featuring 2006 Howliday Image


- SHCA Nationals, Rohnert Park, California
- Barb Branham Howliday Card - Counter surfing husky


- SHCA Nationals, Rockland, Illinois
- Barb Branham Howliday Card - Best Buddies - 2 huskies sleeping


- SHCA Nationals, Topeka, Kansas
- Barb Branham Howliday Card - Adult and pup with present


- SHCA Nationals, Greenville, South Carolina
- Marc Tetro Howliday Card


- SHCA Nationals, Portland, Oregon


- SHCA Nationals, Carlisle, Pennsylvania
- Quilt Raffle (won by Adopt a Husky, Inc.)
- Donated to first SHCA Rescue Parade


- SHCA Nationals, Hudson, New York


- SHCA Nationals, St. Louis, Missouri


- SHCA Nationals, Portland, Oregon


- Cheryl and Maureen were helping with Agility at SHCA Nationals in Carlisle, Pennsylvania
   and thought "the SOS-SRF should be here, too".