2001 (8 dogs)

Here are the dogs we helped in 2001. We were pleased to make contributions towards their medical expenses to ensure happy and healthy lives for them all.

Jadi Sleddog Rescue of New England, Inc.- Diogi - New Hampshire

After a rough start in life, 13 month old Diogi ended up at Jadi. It is believed that he was hit by a car between 4 and 6 months of age and that his injuries to both hips, his right paw and right elbow were not treated. As a result, he needs to have a femoral head osteotomy done on both hips. The operations were to be done in two phases with the first happening in August. Because of his age, he has an excellent prospect for a full recovery and has already found a potential home. The SOS-SRF contributed towards his orthopedic surgery expenses. (July/August 2001)

Companion Animal Network - Jessie - Iowa

Angela Lewis pulled Jessie from a shelter where she was going to be euthanised because she had cataracts. She arranged for an examination at the Iowa State Veterinary Clinic where they said that Jessie would be an excellent candidate for cataract surgery. Angela feels that it would easy to find a home for this 2 1/2 year old dog after she has had this surgery. The SOS-SRF made a contribution towards the surgery. Jessie is now recovering in foster care. (July 2001)

Adopt a Husky, Inc. - WEST - Tootsie - Oregon

Tootsie was a pregnant stray who was turned into a recreational sledding kennel. She required an emergency C-section - 4 of 5 puppies survived - and was spayed at the same time. The SOS-SRF contributed to the cost of her surgery. (June 2001)

Northern California Sled Dog Rescue - Shasta and pups - California

Shasta was picked up as a pregnant stray in Martinez. She found a foster home just before she was due to be euthanized and delivered 10 puppies - 7 lived. Unfortunately, complications set in 7 days after delivery and only 1 puppy survived in spite of all the efforts to save them. Norsled applied to SOS-SRF for help with the medical bills and we made a substantial donation. Shasta is currently in foster care and her remaining pup, Emma, has been adopted. (May/June 2001)

Siberian Husky Rescue of New Mexico - Sima - New Mexico

Sima came into rescue when her owner was killed in a car accident. She was the only Siberian Husky of the 12 dogs looking for new homes and Siberian Husky Rescue of New Mexico (SHRNM) were asked to help.An adoptive home was found but then it was discovered that Sima had heartworm and the prospective owner backed out. SHRNM arranged for Sima's heartworm treatment and cared for her during her recovery. They also had her microchipped. Sima has a new family, a new Siberian Husky brother - 14 year old Cisco, and a new name - Zena, with Sarah and family. The SOS-SRF made a contribution towards the cost of her heartworm treatment. (April 2001)

Angels of the Snow - Keller - Massachusetts

Could there be two blind, male huskies named Keller with so much bad luck in their lives? No. The home that adopted Keller in 1999 (see here) was unable to keep him so, once more, he came into rescue. Transport was arranged from Virgina to Angels of the Snow in Cape Cod. He arrived overweight, intact, with an excessive drinking and urination problem and having received no medical treatment since he was placed in 1999. The vets suspected that either an enlarged prostate or a tumour were causing the bladder problems and weakness in his hindquarters. They also estimated his age at closer to 10 than 5 as was reported. He was scheduled to be neutered and the vet confirmed that he had enlarged prostate which was responding well to medication and the lack of hormones. Unfortunately, good health was not to last and he died in June 2001 having spent the last months of his life in a loving environment. The SOS-SRF contributed towards his special medical expenses. (January 2001)

Delaware Valley Siberian Husky Rescue - Roxy - Maryland

Roxy was hit by a car in Baltimore, MD, and her owners decided not to pay for surgery to repair her broken pelvis. Instead they abandoned her at the animal hospital. The DVSHR group rescued her and arranged to have the fracture repaired. Members of Sibernet-L and the SOS-SRF made donations towards the medical expenses. In late February, Roxy found a new home. However, as her fractures are not fully healed, the DVSHR is delaying placing her in that home because they are concerned about the other dog playing too roughly. (2000/2001)