2018 (18 dogs)

Here are the dogs we helped in 2018. We were pleased to make contributions towards their medical expenses to ensure happy and healthy lives for them all.

Please click on the Funding Requirements link on the left if you have a rescue dog that needs out of the ordinary medical treatment. Please make sure you read and understand our requirements prior to making an application. The link to the rescue application is at the end of the requirements.

Broken Arrow Rescue Community - Loki - Oklahoma

Two-year-old Loki was in danger of euthanization when Jamie pulled him from a shelter. He appeared to be healthy and was placed in foster care.

Shortly after, his foster caregiver noticed that Loki was limping and clearly in pain. He was diagnosed with OCD: osteochondritis-dissecans in his shoulder. He needed surgery to correct the condition and we were pleased to contribute funds to help Loki. (December 2018)

Northern California Sled Dog Rescue (NORSLED) - Rhapsody - California
Rhapsody Rhapsody's injuries

This is an appalling story! Apparently this poor puppy was either thrown from a car or dragged by one. She sustained numerous injuries along her right side and needed extensive surgery to repair these wounds.

Norsled was successful in fundraising for Rhapsody but the surgery was very expensive and we were pleased to help as well.

Rhapsody is recuperating nicely and we all hope that she gets the best possible forever home! (December 2018)

Hairy Houdini Siberian Husky Rescue - Maya - Michigan

Hairy Houdini pulled this lovely lady from a shelter. She was diagnosed with a torn anterior cruciate ligament which needed surgical repair followed by rehabilitation. The rescue received a discount for the surgery and did some successful fundraising.

Maya's prognosis for a full recovery is good.

We were pleased to be able to make a substantial contribution to Maya's care.

Cherie sent some photos and we were all so pleased to see Maya enjoying her water therapy! (October 2018)

Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue - Cheyenne - Pennsylvania
Cheyenne Cheyenne

Cheyenne is 7 years old and was taken into rescue when her owners moved--leaving her behind!

Cheyenne needed specialized orthopaedic surgeries to repair two cruciate ligaments in both hind legs. Harnessed to Hope did extensive fund-raising and received a significant veterinarian discount.

We were pleased to make a significant contribution to help Cheyenne.

She is recuperating very well. (September 2018)

Shadow Husky Rescue - Mally - California
Mally (before amputation)

"No pup should ever have to endure what this puppy has been through in his very short life."

When it all began last May, Mally was five months old and just rescued from an animal shelter. Tim wrote us that he "was a sweet boy dying from poisoning from objects he had swallowed. And in pain." He had surgery to remove the foreign objects. But he also needed a liver shunt and surgery for unattached kneecaps.

The rescue did extensive and very successful fundraising but were still short thousands of dollars. In the meantime, poor Mally's right kneecap became infected and further reconstructive surgery was not recommended. His right leg was amputated. He suffered complications from that which resulted in further treatment and hospitalization.

Now, after multiple surgeries, and six months later, Mally is happily enjoying puppyhood with his new foster family.

We were very pleased we could help with some of Mally's expenses. (September 2018)

Howl at the Moon Siberian Husky Rescue Inc. - Summer Sky - Ohio
Summer Sky

This sable and white lady is five years old and needed surgery to remove a large mass (caudal dorsum).

The surgery was successful and the tumour was benign. Summer Sky's prognosis is very good.

We were pleased to contribute most of the funding for her treatment. (August 2018)

Howl at the Moon Siberian Husky Rescue Inc. - Levi - Ohio

Levi is a young male who was diagnosed with heartworms. He was treated successfully and has a good prognosis for a long life.

We were happy to pay for Levi's treatment from our Julie Moreland Heartworm Fund. (August 2018)

Misha Siberian Husky Rescue - Lobito - Colorado

Lobito is ten years old--a striking cinnamon and white boy with blue eyes. His was an emergency situation: he was suffering from a bleeding mass and needed an immediate splenectomy.

The surgery was successful and the biopsy was benign.

We're glad we could help this handsome boy. (June 2018)

Husky Haven of Florida - Pearl - Florida

Pearl, a young, white girl with blue eyes, was rescued from a Puerto Rican transport group after Hurricane Maria. She was diagnosed with TVT (transmissable tumour)--a mass in her vagina-- which required chemotherapy.

Her prognosis is excellent with a 100% survival rate.

The treatment was expensive and we very happy to contribute a large portion of it. (June 2018)

Howl at the Moon Siberian Husky Rescue Inc. - Winter - Ohio

Winter is a young, white, bi-eyed boy and a victim of owner neglect. Jennifer found him in a pound waiting to be euthanized because he was diagnosed with heartworms.

We were pleased to fund Winter's treatment from our Julie Moreland Heartworm Fund and wish him a long and happy life with a family who cares. (May 2018)

Shadow Husky Rescue - Tipper - California
Tipper - picture coming

Tipper is four years old and with Shadow Husky Rescue. He suffered a detached ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and needed orthopedic surgery to repair it.

Tipper's surgery was successful and we hope he finds his forever home soon

We were pleased to contribute considerable funds to help Tipper. (April 2018)

Delaney's Dog - Shelby - California
Shelby - picture coming

This sweet little girl is only a year old and was in a shelter suffering from a fracture of her left hind leg.

Maureen's rescue pulled Shelby from the shelter to get her the immediate orthopedic surgery she needed--a fracture repair (plate/pin) of the mid tibia/fibula.

This was expensive surgery and we commend Delaney's Dog on its admirable fundraising efforts. We were pleased to contribute the balance and hope Shelby finds a happy home soon. (April 2018)

Broken Arrow Rescue Community - Nanook - Oklahoma

Nanook is four years old and had been picked up as a stray. Broken Arrow rescued him from the shelter. Nanook began having back-to-back seizures and needed immediate emergency treatment.

He is currently on medication for his seizures.

We were happy to help Nanook get the medical attention he needed. (April 2018)

Husky House Inc. - Mom and Baby - New Jersey
Baby and Mom

Husky House pulled Mom and Baby from a Texas shelter. Both were immediately diagnosed with parvo-virus.

They were treated successfully and both have recuperated well.

We were happy to provide funding to help with their treatment. (March 2018)

Arctic Rescue Southwest - Dan - New Mexico
Dan closeup

Exuberant young Dan was pulled from a shelter and in foster care when he began exhibiting signs of distress: lethargy, vomiting, intestinal inflammation. He refused food for several days and then water.

Michelle had him examined at an emergency clinic, but x-rays didn't reveal much though the vet suspected a possible intestinal blockage which he hoped would pass normally. It didn't and Dan's condition worsened. He needed surgery to remove the obstruction: a washcloth in various pieces of digestion. The vet said it could have been there for weeks or longer.

Arctic Rescue raised some funds for the surgery and we were pleased to help as well.

Dan "is back to his energetic, happy self" and is recuperating nicely. (March 2018)

Independent - Mason - California
Mason after surgery Mason when rescued

Mason is our first case of 2018 as we commemorate the 20th anniversary of SOS-SRF. And he is the 600th Siberian we have helped!

He is 11 years old and has had a rather complicated and troubled life. He belonged to his rescuer when he was a puppy and, unhappily, she had to relinquish him for personal reasons. Years later, she discovered that Mason was malnourished with a tumour on his leg and apparently living in less than ideal conditions. Fortunately, she was able to reclaim him and have the tumour removed. He is safe.

We found this to be a very distressing case and were pleased we could help with Mason's surgery. (January 2018)

Update - River - Ohio

River was rescued in 2012 (see here) after he was attacked by coyotes and lost his lovely tail. Rebecca sent us this update in January of 2018. "He was adopted by my son and now daughter-in-law in early 2014 and will be nine next month. He is truly the sweetest, most patient husky I have ever met! We take him to all of our community events and he is always the star of show. Everyone wants to know his story and of course, we always share it. River has a buddy, Loki, who is a 15 pound, year and a half old Alaskan Klee Kai to keep him young!

"Thank you again for what you do. We, as a family, are all about adopting rescues!"