2011 (32 dogs)

Here are the dogs we helped in 2011. We were pleased to make contributions towards their medical expenses to ensure happy and healthy lives for them all.

Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue - Shaman - Indiana
Shaman - after Shaman

Shaman is a five-year old black and white Siberian boy who was rescued from a southern Indiana shelter after having been surrendered by his owner (with his mate, Heart). It was a second escape for the pair and she refused to pay another fine for them. They were apparently house dogs, though Dawn, who assessed them, spoke to the former owner who said they were being kept in a pen.

When NLSDR took Shaman to a vet, he tested positive for heartworms. Julie found that there was shortage of immiticide in her area, but did manage to find a vet in Illinois who had enough to treat Shaman.

We applaud NLSDR for pursuing veterinary care and treatment for Shaman and wish him a healthy and happy life. We were pleased to fund his heartworm treatment. (December 2011).

Update: Shaman is still in foster care but he has put on some weight - see picture on the right. (February 2012)

Mile High Husky Rescue - Sugar - Colorado

Sugar is fours years old and seemed to be suffering from arthritis. The shelter planned to euthanize her. Mile High Husky Rescue is a new rescue with limited funds. When Tara pulled Sugar from the shelter she found that the arthritis was, in fact, a cruciate ligament problem: Sugar's anterior cruciate ligaments in both her right and left legs were torn and she needed dual TPLO surgery.

The rescue received a generous discount and managed to raise some funds. We were happy to contribute what we could (our own treasury is low). Tara writes that Sugar "is an exceptional dog with an amazing temperament. She's cat friendly and does well with little kids!"

Sugar is in her forever home; she was adopted by her foster mother. (October 2011)

Alabama Siberian Husky Rescue, Inc. - Samara - Alabama

Samara was owner-surrendered to a shelter because she was diagnosed with heartworms. She was in danger of being euthanized there so April took her into her rescue program. This is a small, new rescue with limited funds, and while they were able to raise some money, it wasn't enough to cover the cost of Samara's treatment.

We were very happy to help. April writes that Samara is "a very sweet dog" and that she has already found her forever home. (October 2011)

Alley's Rescued Angels (aka ARA Rescue) Inc. - Anastacia - now Julia - California
Julia and Gus Anastacia after surgery

This pretty young girl was hit by a car and left for dead. She was stabilized at an emergency facility and seen by two veterinarians who diagnosed multiple pelvic fractures. The surgeries were expensive and ARA Rescue set about fundraising. This is a relatively small rescue used to providing funding for much less expensive cases. Although they did receive donations (and a rescue discount from the veterinarian), they needed additional funds to ensure successful treatment for Anastacia. The alternative was euthanization.

We were very pleased to help and wish Anastacia (now renamed Julie) a long and happy life. She is recuperating well and has begun to walk again. More information and additional photos may be found by clicking on the link above. (October 2011)

Update: Julia is now in her forever home. Julia's new mom sent us a picture of Julia and her new buddy Gus in their Christmas collars. (December 2011)

The Siberian Husky Emergency Life Line Fund, Inc. (SHELLFUND) - Jade and Reece - Ohio
Jade & Reece

The young black and white girl on the left was picked up as a stray and found to be heartworm positive. Her general health is excellent and she will be available for adoption once her heartworm treatment is finished.

Reece - the grey and white one on the right - is yet another young Siberian picked up as a stray and found to be heartworm positive. She is in excellent health otherwise, and once she finishes her treatment, she'll be available for adoption.

We were pleased to help with Jade and Reece's heartworm expenses and hope these pretty girls find their forever homes soon. (October 2011)

The Center for Animal Health and Welfare - Georgie - Pennsylvania
Georgie Nakishka and Georgie

Georgie is a 7-year old boy who was brought into the shelter as a stray. He had three tumours on his hind end--two perianal and one dorsal. The dorsal tumour was a more complicated procedure and involved specialized surgery for which the rescue received a discount.

We were pleased to contribute a substantial portion of Georgie's surgery and are delighted to hear that he has found his forever family. (October 2011)

Update: Unfortunately, Georgie's first forever home didn't work out; nor did his second. He had a terrible time with housebreaking, and the families just weren't willing to give him enough time and training to see it through. Fortunately, the third time was a charm! He has a new husky sister, Nakishka, a 2 year old female - that's her on the couch with him on the left. He is adapting well to his new home and sister, as well as another husky foster. (November 2011)

Massachusetts Union for Siberian Huskies (MUSH) Inc. - Tania Mica - Massachusetts
Tania Tania in her new home

This pup was taken by her breeder to be euthanized because she had a broken front leg. The vet refused to do this and contacted MUSH who took Tania into their program although they were very low on funds. This rescue began a campaign to raise money for Tania's surgery and asked for our help as well.

Despite our own low treasury, we were able to contribute to Tania's surgery. Her prognosis for a full recovery is excellent and she will be available for adoption in the near future. (September 2011)

Update: Joice contacted us to let us know that Tania has found her "FUREVER HOME". From the picture on the right,you can see she is fitting right in! Joice reports that, "her official name is Tania Mica, but her call name is Mica, like the mineral, because of her color. She has been going to obedience and agility classes. She does okay in obedience, but definitely prefers agility. She doesn't know she has a pin holding her joint together; she doesn't hesitate to land on her injured leg. The surgeon did a great job! We (MUSH) are thrilled to pieces and hope that they'll continue training beyond beginner classes, maybe even go on to compete. (May 2012)

Independent - Mystique - California

This beautiful two-year old girl owes her life to an amazing samaritan who just wouldn't give up on her. Cheryl Lanza found Mystique lying by the side of a road and rushed her to an animal hospital where she was found to have multiple pelvic fractures and other broken bones. She may have been hit by a car. She wasn't tagged or chipped.

But Cheryl's commitment to Mystique had just begun. She spent countless weeks networking to raise funds for Mystique's surgeries and to find a suitable foster home where she could recover quietly. Cheryl sent us photos of them both in a swimming pool where Mystique was being treated with hydrotherapy to strengthen her muscles.

She had nothing but praise for this wonderful Siberian who showed her love, strength of character, and incredible sweetness despite her pain.

Mystique's story touched all of us at SOS-SRF. Kudos to Cheryl for managing to raise most of the funding necessary for Mystique's surgery. We were more than delighted to provide the balance.

And the best news of all: Mystique has a forever family. We wish her a long and loving life. (September 2011)

Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue - Lyla - Pennsylvania

This pretty girl was in danger of euthanization when she was pulled from the York County SPCA by HTHNBR. A vet check revealed a few lumps which were suspicious and needed further investigation. The vet feared they might be mast cell tumours. They were excised and biopsied and--thankfully-- found to be be benign.

Cheryl writes that Lyla "is a very sweet and loving dog . . . a real charmer."

We were happy to help with funding for Lyla and even happier to hear recently that she has found her forever home. (August 2011)

A Pathway to Hope, Inc. - K-Bar - New Jersey

This 4-year old boy was rescued from a kill shelter in Tennessee with various medical problems including incontinence and back pain which made an ultrasound necessary. It revealed a mass in his bladder and only one functioning kidney. The mass was biopsied and found to be a benign polyp which will not return.

K-Bar's prognosis is good. With a special diet he will be just fine with one kidney. We were pleased to contribute to his surgical and ultrasound costs.

Amy tells us that K-Bar is thriving in his new home. His forever family had thought they'd like a puppy, but fell in love with K-Bar and waited six weeks to take him home.

We love happy endings! (August 2011)

Siberian Husky Assist - Lena - Virginia

Lena is a high-energy 9-month old puppy who was pulled from a Tennessee shelter. She was vetted and discovered to have heartworms! Surprising at such a young age. This is such a preventable disease that it's distressing for us to see so many applications for funding for it.

Siberian Husky Assist did receive a rescue discount and we were pleased to provide additional funding to ensure that Lena has a happy future. Lena will be available for adoption once she has recovered from her treatment. (August 2011)

S.H.I.N.E. of VA, Inc. - Tikanni Rose - Virginia
Tikanni Rose Kyah and Tikanni Rose

This pretty young pup was hit by a truck (why was she loose?) and taken to an ER vet by a good samaritan who witnessed this. Tikaani Rose was diagnosed with a fracture and torn knee ligaments. She was turned over to S.H.I.N.E. who managed to organize surgical treatment for her. For more information and a video about this sweet girl, please click here. (If the page no longer has information on Tikanni Rose, please contact the SOS-SRF webmaster - see Contact Us page).

Erica writes that her organization did receive a rescue discount but the bills were substantial. We were pleased to contribute to Tikaani Roses's treatment and wish her a long and healthy--and safe--life. (August 2011)

Update: Tikanni Rose has found a new home and has a new husky sister named Kyah (on the left). She is fitting right in and they love her! (March 2012)

Closer to Home Animal Advocates - Sammie - Michigan
Sammie Sammie before surgery

Mindy pulled this poor young boy (3 years old) from a Michigan shelter. He was suffering from an upper lip defect (see "before" photo) which needed reconstruction to avoid loss of teeth and soft tissue. The surgery was extremely successful (see "after" photo) and made a huge difference to both Sammie's appearance and his ability to function normally. His prognosis for a healthy life is excellent and he will be available for adoption soon.

Closer to Home Animal Advocates received a generous discount for the surgery and we were delighted to contribute a substantial amount to help with the balance. (July 2011)

Animal Rescue Network Of New England (ARNNE) - Crystal - South Carolina

Crystal is an older Siberian with diabetes and disabling arthritis. She was suffering from severe neglect--no food or insulin for days, and very matted--when Julie pulled her. Crystal was in a coma and hospitalized. Once stabilized, she was released to Julie's care. Her arthritis medication caused gastrointestinal distress and unstable blood glucose levels so Julie had her evaluated for another medication which is working well for Crystal. ARNNE received a generous discount from the animal hospital and we were pleased to contribute the remainder of the fee. This sweet girl with an angelic temperament is in foster care and will be ready for adoption soon. (July 2011)

Cullen's Archangel Rescue - Dakota - South Carolina
Dakota Dakota with casts

This young pup (six months old) dug out of his owner's yard, was hit by a car, and sustained fractures in both front legs. His owner opted for euthanasia rather than paying for the necessary surgery, and that's when Cullen's Archangel Rescue stepped in.

Dakota's fractures were repaired using plates and screws and he is recovering in foster care. He is a happy boy who loves people and loves to "talk." The rescue raised some funds for the surgery and we were pleased to contribute the balance. We hope Dakota will find a more caring forever home soon. (June 2011)

Pets Forever Found - Gretzky - California

Gretzky is a 2-year old boy who was picked up by a shelter after having been hit by a car. He was to be euthanized because of his injuries but the shelter contacted Pets Forever Found who agreed to take him. Gretzky was diagnosed with a bruised pelvis and a broken left femur which needed to be plated.

Pets Forever Found received a rescue discount and managed to raise some funds for his surgery. We were happy to pay the balance.

Gretzky's prognosis for a healthy life is excellent and he is now looking for his forever home. (June 2011)

Independent - Dublin - California

Leah found young Dublin as a stray and made every effort to find her owners. Alas no one came to claim her. Dublin was found to be suffering from entropion, a condition in which the lower eyelid turns inwards causing the lashes to rub against the eye. It's a painful condition and can result in decreased vision. Surgical repair was necessary.

Leah's vet gave her a generous discount and she managed to raise a large portion of the fee as well. We were very happy to provide the balance.

And Dublin has found her forever home with Leah, who describes her as "the sweetest dog." (June 2011)

Independent - Zeus - Alabama

This handsome young boy was surrendered by his owner who was in financial difficulties. Zeus was found to be heartworm positive and placed in foster care while he had his treatment. He is recovering well and will soon be available for adoption. We were pleased to be able to pay for his treatment. (May 2011)

Siberian Husky Club of Greater New York, Inc. - Bruce-Jack - New York

This young boy was rescued twice by SHCGNY. Bruce-Jack was found running around the streets of Huntington Station and returned to his owners who then decided to surrender him to SHCGNY since he had heartworms. Their circumstances were such that they could not provide treatment for Bruce-Jack. As well, Bruce-Jack had a history of running away and the family admitted that they could not keep him. Bruce-jack had a severe case of heartworms (undetected for six months) but is recovering.

We were happy to provide the funds necessary for his treatment and hope he finds his forever home when he is well again. (May 2011)

The Husky House - Wolfy - New Jersey

Wolfy is a one-year-old boy who was hit by a car and sent to a shelter in New York. The Husky House was called and immediately rushed him to a clinic where he had surgery to repair a broken femur. He is recovering well. Deb writes that "he is coming off crate rest, and will be ready for adoption and a bright new future very soon."

We were pleased to help Wolfy and wish this pup a happy and healthy life in a well-fenced yard! (May 2011)

Bay Area Siberian Husky Club - Koda - California

This little boy (10 months) was pulled from a California shelter with a broken leg. Randee told us that the "vet examination confirmed a fracture of the left femur about two inches above the knee."

Koda's surgery was successful and the fracture was repaired. He will be in foster care until he is fully recovered and then will be made available for adoption. (May 2011)

Independent - Spike - New Jersey

Spike is a 2½ year old boy with brown eyes. He was in foster care when he got into a serious altercation with another dog in the house. His wounds were bloody and his breathing laboured. He was treated successfully and we were happy to provide some funding to help him.

Spike has been adopted and is settling in nicely with his new family. (May 2011)

Independent - Halo - California

Halo is one very lucky young lady! Her rescuer/adopter had been searching various shelter ads and saw Halo posted at a shelter in Louisiana. She knew this was her dog and made complicated arrangements to fly there to bring Halo home to California. Halo had been diagnosed with heartworms but this did not deter her new mother from saving her.

We were very happy to help Halo with her heartworm funding and wish her a long and happy life. (April 2011)

A Pathway to Hope Inc. - Summer - New Jersey

Two-year old Summer was on a euthanasia list at an animal shelter in Georgia. It was through the persistence of Amy and her colleagues that Summer was rescued. She was vaccinated and spayed and found to be positive for heartworms. Shortly after her surgery she became distressed and her vet discovered a mass in her abdomen: it was a "plastic, yellow rope-like object" which passed within a couple of days. Summer bounced back quickly and was subsequently treated successfuly for heartworms. (April 2011)

Blind Dog Rescue Alliance - Maxine - Pennsylvania
Maxine   Maxine in her cast

This poor baby (3½ months old) was surrendered to BDRA because her breeder didn't want to keep a blind dog. Maxine was in foster care and was attacked by another dog in the house. She suffered a broken leg (in two places) and an elbow joint which required surgery.

We were pleased to contribute to Maxine's medical treatment and wish her a happy and healthy life. (April 2011)

Independent - Merlin - North Carolina

Merlin is about five years old and was rescued from an animal shelter in North Carolina. He was heartworm positive and suffered complications from the treatment. We were happy to provide funding to help Merlin regain his health. (April 2011)

Northern California Sled Dog Rescue - Cody - California
Cody   Cody with his new family

Cody is five and was rescued from an animal shelter in California. He was treated for low thyroid and numerous skin infections from which he recovered well. We were pleased to help Cody who has recently been adopted by his foster family. (April 2011)

Delaware Valley Siberian Husky Rescue (DVSHR) - Rex - Pennsylvania

In April, 2010, Rex was diagnosed with glaucoma and a heart arrhythmia, which the former owners failed to disclose. At that time, his heart problems prevented his having the surgery necessary to enucleate his right eye and SOS-SRF aided DVSHR with the expensive medications needed to alleviate the pain caused by the glaucoma without aggravating his heart problems. Since that time, Rex's cardiac issues have improved remarkably but the glaucoma, exacerbated to the point where he was in significant pain and eye pressures became a serious concern. Medications were no longer helping.

Rex underwent a right eye enucleation on February 22 after having had a thorough medical screening and receiving surgical clearance.

Chris writes, "To know Rex is to love him, and he would tell you the same being the great conversationalist that he is. I don't think I've ever met a Siberian more willing to give so much advice. His foster mom tells me that he had lots to say on the ride home after his evaluation. Our plan for Rex is to find an appropriate adopter who will be carefully screened and will continue follow-up treatments. We have many applicants who are willing and able to care for special needs dogs. We at SOS-SRF are glad that Rex is no longer in pain and look forward to him finding his forever home. (February 2011)

Update: Click here to read a letter from Rex in 2013.

Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue - Lyric - now Shiloh - Indiana
Lyric - with hope in her eyes Lyric chained to her dogloo

Lyric's life, before being rescued, was as a breeder dog - chained to a dogloo at the edge of the family's property, producing litter after litter. Fate led a Good Samaritan to the property, where she saw the desperation of Lyric's life. Through the efforts of a lot of people (the good Samaritan, the local Animal Control Officer, a local foster mom, and a transport network) Lyric was brought to Northern Lights. They took care of getting Lyric's basic vetting and spay done. They paid for pre-op blood work, removal of a mammary tumor and for a biopsy. The pathology report, however, revealed that there was significant risk of her cancer recurring and excision of the mammary glands and ducts adjacent to the location where the original tumor was removed was recommended. This surgery was done and Lyric received a good prognosis.

An incredible adopter stepped forward for Lyric - she has already adopted three special needs dogs from Northern Lights and provides them all with excellent care. Lois, Lyric's new Mom, will stay on top of Lyric's ongoing need for follow-up (exam, blood work and radiographs) in 3-6 months and for the duration of Lyric's life.

We were happy to provide funding for Lyrics second surgery and are very glad she has found the long term relationship she needs. (February 2011)

Tuscarawas County Humane Society - Dakota - Ohio
Dakota Dakota with his new pal

Dakota was pulled from the Tuscarawas County Animal Shelter, where he was picked up as a stray. He tested positive for heartworm and was treated. His prognosis is excellent. SOS-SRF paid for his heartworm treatment and hopes that the humane society is successful in adopting Dakota to a loving forever home. (February 2011)

Update - June 2011: Dakota was adopted by a wonderful man named Rich Laizure. He is a volunteer at the shelter and has a team of Husky's that Dakota will be part of. The vet has said that Dakota's heart will be strong enough this winter coming for Rich to be able to have him pull dog sled as a team, for fun.

STICKS (Supplying Technology in County Kill Shelters - Keno - Georgia

Keno is a senior husky who was rescued from a kill shelter where he was scheduled for euthanasia. Even though he is 11, he runs around like a young dog and still has some good years left in him. Unfortunately, while being fostered he was attacked by another dog (since removed from that home) and was severely injured. His ear was mauled and his leg was bitten so badly that he could not walk. Because this happened on a Sunday, he was taken to an emergency vet where he had surgery to repair the ear and also install drains in some of the deep bite wounds. He was taken to the rescue's regular vet for followup - debriding the wound on his ear, checking and cleaning the wounds and removing stitches and staples.

An e-mail from the applicant says: "He is doing well now, and his ear is healing nicely. He does not seem to have any lameness on the one leg that had most of the bites, so his recovery is going well."

The applicant raised some funds for his treatment through the ChipIn program and SOS-SRF provided the rest. We hope Keno finds his comfy forever home. (January 2011)