Here are the dogs we have helped so far in 2024. We are pleased to make contributions towards their medical expenses to ensure happy and healthy lives for them all.

Please click on the Funding Requirements link on the left if you have a rescue dog that needs medical treatment beyond the ordinary needs of spaying/neutering, boarding, annual shots, and things like that. Please make sure you read and understand our requirements prior to making an application. The link to the rescue application is at the end of the requirements.

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Samantha NW Snowdog Rescue - Samantha - Washington State

This pretty young girl (3 years old) was picked up as a stray and unclaimed. The rescue placed her in foster care. Shortly after, Samantha developed disturbing symptoms: lethargy, vomiting blood, a decreased appetite, and a refusal to lie down. Her back end became inflamed and extremely painful.

Samantha endured many diagnostic tests and several hospitalizations. Her diagnosis: Addison's Disease. It is a life-threatening condition in which the adrenal glands make insufficient amounts of the hormones cortisol and aldosterone.

While Addison's is incurable, it is controllable with medications which must be taken life long. This lovely girl will need a special family committed to ensuring her a long and happy life.

NW Snow Dog Rescue raised considerable funds and we were happy to provide a substantial amount to help Samantha. (April 2024)

Mia A Pathway to Hope - Mia - New Jersey

Mia's story is extraordinary. At 21 months she had given birth to a second litter of 6 puppies outside, in wet and filthy conditions, in rural South Carolina.

Volunteers from A Pathway to Hope drove 11 hours to rescue Mia and her pups, and once in New Jersey, they seemed to be doing well. However, Mia developed mastitis, was hospitalized, treated and released. A few days later, she suffered a ruptured mammary gland which had abscessed and was badly infected. This meant another hospital stay while volunteers cared for her puppies.

Mia recovered and was soon reunited with her babies much to the delight of everyone, especially Mia, who rushed to greet them!

A Pathway to Hope raised more than half the amount needed for Mia and we were very pleased to fund the remainder. This was an impressive undertaking with many generous volunteers participating. (March 2024)

from H4H site Elvis Hope 4 Huskies Rescue - Elvis - Washington State

This young pup (4 months old) was suffering from several issues: he was missing the left cranial section of his muzzle/lip; he was coughing and congested with a nasal discharge; and he clearly had bronchial/pulmonary problems.

Christina applied to us for assistance from the Magic of Marci Fund, one that we recently established to help rescues with diagnostic expenses.

While Elvis did undergo various tests, the results are still inconclusive. We hope that answers will be forthcoming soon. (February 2024)

Update: Elvis is now healthy enough to be up for adoption. Click here to see his listing.
Jazmine Mother Lode Husky Haveng - Jazmine - California

Jazmine is just a year old and was pulled from a shelter because of several medical issues: she was lethargic, unresponsive, mildly anemic, with a low temperature and abnormal pupil sizes. She was given medical attention and improved considerably within 24 hours. Her veterinarian could not find a reason for her issues, but considered exposure to a toxin or a traumatic event as a possible cause.

The rescue received generous discounts and we were very pleased to help Jazmine.

Best news of all: she has been adopted to a good home! (February 2024)

Ruby Homeless to Home Husky Rescue - Ruby - Pennsylvania

Ruby (aka Firefly) is a red and white two-year old girl, pulled from a shelter. She had a severely deformed right forelimb which caused her to walk with a hop. She was suffering from metacarpal fractures, a chronic condition of the metacarpal bones which necessitated corrective surgery. Ruby's forelimb was clipped, the cartilage surfaces debrided, and a plate placed. A bone graft was applied before the incision was closed.

She recovered well, but will likely have some future osteoarthritis.

Homeless to Home received substantial funding for Ruby's medical expenses and we were happy to provide the balance. (February 2014)