Here are the dogs we have helped so far in 2017. We are pleased to make contributions towards their medical expenses to ensure happy and healthy lives for them all.

Please click on the Funding Requirements link on the left if you have a rescue dog that needs out of the ordinary medical treatment. Please make sure you read and understand our requirements prior to making an application. The link to the rescue application is at the end of the requirements.

All New Hope Rescue - Red - Missouri

This handsome boy was dumped on a back road and picked up several days later and taken to the rescue. He was diagnosed with heartworms. His treatment is finished and he is recovering well in foster care. We were happy to provide funding for Red's treatment from the Julie Moreland Heartworm Fund. (May 2017)

Update: Message from Peg, "Red got adopted the other day. His family loves him. Thanks so much for covering his hw treatment. (June 2017)

Independent - Nova - Oklahoma

Nova is four years old and was diagnosed with heartworms. A good samaritan rescued Nova and received a donation to help with her treatment. We provided the balance from the Julie Moreland Heartworm Fund.

The good samaritan has since adopted Nova. (May 2017)

Delaney's Dogs - Kiana - California

Kiana is 10 months old and needed emergency surgery for a fractured distal radial ulna (wrist and forearm). The rescue raised more than half the money needed and we were pleased to provide the rest. (April 2017

Pet Angels Rescue Inc. - Loki - Oklahoma

One-year-old Loki was an owner-surrender and a very sick little boy. He had undergone two transfusions, many tests, and had been seen by several vets when he was finally diagnosed with a rare and severe non-regenerative anemia. Loki was weak, underweight with low body proteins and electrolytes. He was diagnosed with IMHA: immune mediated haemolytic anemia.

Loki was treated successfully and his vet wrote a very detailed letter outlining the procedures. He said he wasn't sure that Loki would survive when first presented. He was ecstatic about the very positive results and described Loki as "a happy healthy puppy."

Megan from Pet Angels sent us a video of a playful Loki and wrote "Loki is a whole new dog. You wouldn't believe he has been through so much."

We were delighted to help Loki and appreciated the vet's thanks as well. (April 2017)

Independent - Lexi - California
Lexi Lexi

Lexi is 13 years old and suffers from recurring non-metastatic tumours. His owner died a few months ago and he has been in foster care since then. His foster parents will adopt him.

As the vet explained, Lexi's tumours are locally aggressive soft tissue sarcomas which do grow back but do not spread. While there are several treatment options, the best one for Lexi is daily oral low doses of chemotherapy to slow the growth of the tumours and boost the immune system.

He is in good general health. We were happy to help Lexi and hope he has a few good years left to play with his new brother Cash. (April 2017)

Update: Lexi is in his third month having oral chemo with no side effects! He is as playful and happy as ever with his dog buddy Cash. He is taking a mile long walk every day. He still has three more months of the treatment to give him two more years of quality of life. (June 2017)

Twin Cities Northern Breed Rescue - Burt - Minnesota

Burt is a 4-year old red and white boy suffering from two lateral luxating patellas: he was unable to extend or effectively use his hind limbs - probably a congenital condition. He was moving in a crouched, crawling gait which was causing several other problems as well.

He was an owner-surrender from Wisconsin because his owners could not get Burt the care he needed.

A generous donor paid for the surgeries needed for his first leg and the rescue raised a considerable amount for the second leg. Several surgeries were needed for bone grafts, implants, and realignments.

We are glad to be able to contribute to the second set of surgeries to give Burt the mobility he so desperately needed. (March 2017)

Adopt A Husky of Dallas Inc. - Cooper - Texas

Cooper is five years old and needed cruciate ligament surgical repairs on both hind legs. The rescue managed to raise the considerable funds for one leg and we were pleased to contribute a substantial amount for the second leg.

Cooper is recovering well in foster care. (March 2017)

American Eskimo Rescue of St. Louis - Mongo - Missouri
Mongo with his play group

This young boy (three years old) was picked up as a stray and diagnosed with heartworms. He was treated successfully and is currently in foster care. We were pleased to pay for Mongo's treatment from the Julie Moreland Heartworm Fund. (March 2017)

ARA Canine Rescue Inc. - Cupcake - California

Cupcake is two years old and needed immediate surgery to repair a compound right hind leg fracture (tibia and fibula). The fracture was days, perhaps weeks, old.

It was expensive surgery and the rescue managed to raise considerable monies through fundraising. We were happy to contribute the balance. (March 2017)

Good Samaritan - Jade - New York

Jade was in foster care when she developed pyometra which needed immediate emergency treatment including the removal of an infected mass. Jade is a pretty six-year old red and white girl whom Kathleen (her Good Samaritan) describes as "a joyful dog."

Kathleen raised the majority of the monies needed through Crowd Funding and we were happy to contribute to this expensive treatment as well.

And good news: Jade's foster family has become her forever family and celebrated with a "Gotcha Day Cake!" (March 2017)

Arctic Breed Rescue - Nanna - Utah

Nanna is two years old and needed surgery for a luxating patella. It's an expensive procedure and the rescue managed to raise a substantial portion of what was needed. We made a major contribution to ensure a pain-free life for Nanna.

And the best news of all: she has been adopted! (March 2017)

Forever Husky - Kato - Illinois

This little boy (9 months old) "ingested foreign objects." Sigh. He needed immediate extensive--and expensive--surgeries. Forever Husky set up a Facebook page for Kato and raised an impressive $3500 for his surgeries.

We were happy to provide the small remaining balance for Kato and congratulate Forever Husky on a most successful fundraising campaign. (February 2017)

Independent - Nahla - North Carolina

A family adopted this 18-month old girl from Pender County Animal Shelter in North Carolina. They discovered a week later that Nahla had heartworms and applied to us for help.

Given the very recent adoption and a very high charge for Nahla's treatment, we were pleased to contribute funding from the Julie Moreland Heartworm Fund. (February 2017)

Half-Way Home Canine Rescue - Bruchetta - North Carolina

Their Facebook page is at https://www.facebook.com/HWHCR.

This young pup was pulled from a shelter and diagnosed with heartworms.

She was treated successfully with funds from the Julie Moreland Heartworm Fund. (January 2017)

Tall Tails Rescue - Meeshka - Oklahoma

This two-year old girl was a neglect case pulled from an SPCA shelter. She was diagnosed with heartworms and successfully treated.

Funds to help her came from the Julie Moreland Heartworm Fund. (January 2017)

Northern Exposure Siberian Husky Rescue - Lulu - New Jersey

Kahlua Blue (Lulu) is six years old, diagnosed with diabetes and cataracts. Northern Exposure, a small rescue with limited funds, pulled her from a local shelter. They wanted to help Lulu, knowing that with both diabetes and blindness, as well as her age, her chances of adoption were limited.

Lulu was successfully treated for cataract removal and the rescue is working to stabilize her diabetes. We were pleased to be able to help.

Lulu should be ready for her forever family soon. (January 2017)