2007 (29 dogs)

Here are the dogs we helped in 2007. We were pleased to make contributions towards their medical expenses to ensure happy and healthy lives for them all.

Save a Pet Foundation - Gallager - North Carolina

This handsome young man was found as a stray. He had been hit by a car and his owners never showed up to claim him. Robyn sent us an emergency application: if funds could not be found to help Gallager he would be euthanized within hours. It seemed at first that he had a fractured leg and we immediately agreed to fund the surgery to save Gallager. In fact, his injury was less severe--a dislocation--which was remedied quickly. Robyn writes that "he is a wonderfully sweet boy with a great disposition. Gallager deserves a chance at a new life with a wonderful, loving family."

Save a Pet Foundation is a new organization and we thank Robyn for letting us know she needed help with Gallager. That's what we're here for! All good wishes for a happy home for Gallager and continued success for Robyn and her rescue. (October 2007)

Closer to Home Animal Advocates - Sable - Michigan

Sable is a black and white female and only a year and half old. Mindy was contacted by her local shelter because Sable tested positive for heartworms. Mindy agreed to take her although her rescue is small with little outside funding.

We were pleased to help Sable and wish her a happy and healthy future. What a pretty girl! (October 2007)

Congratulations to Mindy, too, on having attained 501(c)(3) status.

Independent - Juno - New Jersey

Juno is a gorgeous one-year old male with blue eyes. He was rescued by a good samaritan and her son who saw Juno wandering around alone. As Ruth writes: "Within moments of spotting him from a distance, we witnessed him dart into the street where he was struck by a car that did not stop." He suffered a broken leg and was taken to an animal medical facility where he was given pain medication. Because he was a stray and the surgery to repair the extensive fracture was very expensive, Juno would likely have been euthanized. So Ruth stepped in to have him treated. Ruth describes Juno as "a wonderful, sweet dog who has now become an irreplaceable part of our family."

We were pleased to make a substantial contribution to Juno's medical needs. (September 2007)

Humane Society of Louisiana, Lincoln Chapter - Suzie-Q - Louisiana

Suzie-Q was surrendered to this shelter when her owner had to go into an assisted living facility which did not accept pets. Becky writes that the owner "was absolutely heartbroken and insisted that she would not leave Suzie-Q unless the shelter personnel would swear that they would make every effort to find her a good home and would not put her to sleep." Becky describes her as a "sweet and loving dog and a wonderful candidate for adoption." Suzie-Q is three years old and is now undergoing treatment for heartworms. We hope she finds a loving forever home soon — both for her sake and to give her former owner peace of mind.

Becky reminded us that the devastation of Hurricane Katrina has left the area economically depressed and that fundraising there is really not feasible. We were happy to provide funding for Suzie-Q's treatment and applaud her vet for granting a 50% discount. (August 2007)

Southern Siberian Rescue - Jordy - North Carolina

This pretty girl is a year old, and when Dawne pulled her from the shelter Jordy was completely saturated with urine and extremely smelly. Dawne learned quickly that Jordy had a severe problem with incontinence — the reason she had been an owner turn-in. Tests revealed an ectopic ureter problem which she had suffered from birth; Jordy was leaking urine 24 hours a day.

Her surgery to correct the problem went well and her prognosis is good. This was an expensive procedure and we were pleased to be able to contribute substantially to it. (August 2007)

Independent - Tara - Louisiana

Tara is 3-4 years old with blue eyes and was bounced around from potential homes through no fault of her own. She had been adopted by a couple with three German Shepherds who overwhelmed her. When Fran rescued her, she had been tied to a chain outside. And she was diagnosed with heartworms. Fran says she is beautiful and active; she loves to cuddle, and go for walks and car rides. Fran suggests a home (in a cooler climate) with older children and a family ready for an inside dog.

We were happy to pay for Tara's HW treatment and hope that she finds her perfect family soon! (July 2007)

Tundra Spirits Siberian Husky Rescue - Teeka - New York

This young beauty is only a year old. She had been owned by people inexperienced with Siberians. They allowed her to roam freely without the containment of a fence. Teeka was hit by a car and suffered multiple fractures to her pelvis. The complex surgery to save her was more than her owners were prepared to pay, so they surrendered her to Tundra Spirits. This rescue moved swiftly to have Teeka cared for; the surgery was successful and Teeka is well on the road to recovery.

We were very pleased to make a substantial contribution to Teeka's future. (July 2007)

Independent - Star - Louisiana

Star is a white male Siberian mix, 18-months old, with blue eyes. His rescuer tells us that he had been tied with a chain so short that he couldn't reach his food or water. "He was quite emaciated," she writes, "weighing only 20 pounds at 10 months. It took weeks before he could eat normally. Star is an energetic dog, handsome and loving, and will snuggle with you on the floor."

Star was diagnosed with heartworms, but because he is young and otherwise healthy, his prognosis for recovery is excellent. We were pleased to pay for his treatment. Fran, his rescuer, hopes to find Star a forever home soon — one without chains! (July 2007)

Independent - Chloe - South Carolina

Meet Chloe - the 300th Siberian SOS-SRF has helped! Chloe is a beautiful black and white puppy with brown eyes. Sibyl and a few of her college friends found this young pup injured and abandoned near the side of a highway. She had a shattered hip and the surgical options promised to be very expensive. Sibyl did find an orthopedic surgeon able to do a successful hip replacement rather than a more expensive procedure, and Chloe came through the operation with flying colours. She's recuperating well and Sibyl is learning all about Siberians in the process.

We thank Sibyl for being such a good samaritan and wish her a long and happy life with Chloe. (July 2007)

Independent - Shasta - Indiana

This pretty lady was found as a stray and rescued by a good samaritan who describes her as a "young, beautiful, well-behaved girl who would be a good pet." She will be available for adoption when she is well. Shasta had a urinary tract infection which Nancy, her rescuer, had treated but she was also found to be heartworm positive.

We were happy to provide funding for Shasta's heartworm treatment because her prognosis is good. We hope that she soon finds her forever home. (June 2007)

Mayfield Animal Shelter - Finney - Kentucky

Finney is a young black and white girl with blue eyes who was picked up as a stray and brought to the Mayfield Animal Shelter. She tested positive for heartworms but her prognosis is good for a full recovery. Megan describes Finney as "a really nice dog, very friendly, great with kids, and meets people well, so we do not anticipate any problems with finding her a forever home."

We were pleased to help with Finney's heartworm treatment and hope that she finds a happy home soon. (June 2007)

Independent - Harley - Louisiana

Harley is a young black and white Siberian with blue eyes whose owner "dumped him on the street." Two good samaritans rescued him and found that he was microchipped. They contacted the owner who said he no longer wanted him and "just have him PTS." Fortunately for Harley, that didn't happen. But while in his rescuer's fenced yard, Harley escaped and was found in a ditch, shot in the chest. He was taken to a vet where he had surgery to repair the damage.

Harley has found his forever home with his first rescuer, Kelly, who is now learning the wiley ways of Siberians. We were pleased to fund Harley's treatment and wish him a long and happy--and secure--life! (June 2007)

Snow Paws S.V.U. - Heidi - Missouri

This exuberant young girl went out to potty and wanted back in NOW! So she jumped through a window, severely lacerating her right front leg. (Why do they do these things? Sigh.) Heidi is about 1-2 years old (probably an Agouti in colouration) with brown eyes. She had been a stray and taken in by people who had her vetted and spayed. Heidi was turned into Linda Stookey at Snow Paws, and Linda realized that she had other problems and applied to us for emergency funding. Apart from the laceration, Heidi was also found to have roundworms, whipworms, and hookworms, as well as a severe case of heartworms--and an old scabby lesion across her shoulder blades. Heidi's wounds have been taken care of and she begins heartworm treatment immediately.

Linda writes that "Heidi is wonderful--so loving and gentle. She does well with the other animals here and so she will adopt out very easily. She will stay with us in our home until she is completely healed."

We wish Heidi a long and happy life--with no more window crashes! (May 2007)

Siberian Husky Rescue of New Mexico - Gracie - New Mexico

Gracie is a 7-8 year-old, black, grey and white lady with amber eyes. She was picked up as a stray and found to be in pain with limited use of her hind legs. On examination, the problem was diagnosed as cruciate ligament repairs necessary for both legs. The rescue was able to fund one leg and we funded the other. Gracie's prognosis is excellent and Tracey (from Siberian Husky Rescue of New Mexico, Inc.) writes that she is "a very mellow, sweet dog who mixes well with adults, kids, and other dogs and cats. She is very adoptable."

We hope that Gracie finds her forever home soon. (April 2007)

Indy Home for Huskies - The Lion King Pups - Indiana

Brooke Davis wrote us a sad story of seven Siberians ranging in age from 3 months to 2 years. All had been confiscated from an animal shelter due to neglect and all were infested with roundworms as well as suffering from upper respiratory infections. IHH were able to fund the care of two of these pups, but needed help with the other five. The five we were pleased to help were Sarabi and Mufasa (who were HW positive), and Simba, Nala, and Pride who were suffering from Parvovirus. Nala, a 3-month old pup, was the most critical of these five. All are recovering well and should be available for adoption very soon. (April 2007)

Clockwise from upper left the pups are Pride, Simba, Nala, Sarabi and Mufasa (doesn't he look the cunning lad!)

Pride Simba Nala
Mufasa Sarabi
Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue (HTHNBR) - Phantom - Pennsylvania

Phantom (formerly Emiko) is a handsome young black and white Siberian with blue eyes. He's about a year old. While in rescue, he was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes. Veterinarian opinions varied about the severity of the cataracts and their need to be treated now--or in the future. Harnessed to Hope adopted Phantom to a young couple who thought they'd have time to save for his treatment, but when they took him to an ophthalmologist, they learned that the cataracts were rapidly worsening. Immediate surgery was recommended.

Phantom has had his cataracts removed and is recovering well. We were happy to provide substantial funds for his treatment--matched by HTHNBR and his new parents. Phantom is truly loved! (April 2007)

Siberian Husky Assist - Vixen - Virginia

Vixen is a pretty four-year old girl, white with red highlights and amber eyes. She was rescued from a Tennessee shelter and found to be heartworm positive. Marcia Horne has ensured that Vixen will be treated. Her prognosis is excellent. And Vixen has already found her forever home!

All of us at SOS-SRF wish Vixen a long and happy life. (April 2007)

Young-Williams Animal Center - Jado - Tennessee

Jado is a very lucky boy! He is a 2-year old red and white boy with blue eyes who tested positive for heartworms. Apparently the staff at the Young-Williams Animal Center fell in love with him! They managed to treat him and to find him a place with Siberian Husky Assist Rescue who will find him a forever home.

And what a kind vet Jado had in Dr. Lisa Chassy! She did not charge for her services, but only for the immiticide. (March 2007)

The Emergency Animal Rescue Service (TEARS) - Cayenne - Alabama

This pretty young girl was rescued by TEARS. Jennifer writes that Cayenne's right front leg had been badly injured and the only recourse was amputation. She's a pretty red and white girl (under two years of age) with bi-eyes. She has recovered well from her surgery and is looking forward to her forever home.

We were delighted to help this sweet pup. (March 2007)

Northern Louisiana GSD Rescue - Miko and Jade - Louisiana

Miko and his sister, Jade (see below), were found by a nearby lake. They seem to have been abandoned. A couple took them in temporarily, and Rebecca Kaase of GSD rescue kindly brought them into her organization. Both Miko and Jade were found to be heartworm positive. They are being treated and will be available for adoption through this GSD rescue. Miko is a beautiful 2-year old bi-eyed male. (March 2007)


Jade is Miko's sister. She's a pretty 2-year old, grey and white, with brown eyes. Like Miko, she is heartworm positive and is undergoing treatment. Rebecca Kaase took both Miko and Jade into her GSD rescue and hopes they will have forever homes soon. (March 2007)

Northern California Sled Dog Rescue (Norsled) - Candy - California

Candy was pulled from a shelter in Nevada. She's a young pup--just over 8 months old--black and white with blue eyes. She was leaking urine: the cause was due to improper positioning of the ureters entering her bladder. Surgery was required. Candy is recovering from this surgery and will be ready for adoption soon.

We were happy to contribute to Candy's expenses, and Norsled has also been fundraising on her behalf. (February 2007)

Siberian Husky Club of Greater New York - Athena - New York
Athena - Before and After

Athena is a petite grey and white lady, approximately six years old, with blue eyes. She was rescued from a Brooklyn animal shelter suffering from a 2-inch mass to her rectum and tail area. The mass was removed and Athena is well on the road to recovery. Her rescuers describe her as "as sweet as can be; everyone at the vet's office is in love with her."

We were pleased to help substantially with Athena's treatment. Athena is ready for her forever home. What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl! (January 2007)

Independent - Sable - Mississippi

Yet another victim of Hurricane Katrina, Sable owes her life to a good samaritan. Robin writes that Sable would have drowned if she hadn't taken her in. Her owners lost their home and couldn't keep her so Robin adopted her. Sable is a pretty 6-year old red and white Siberian with blue eyes. She tested positive for heartworms. Robin is currently living in a FEMA camper because of Katrina and is working on securing a fenced area for Sable. Robin has had Sable vetted so she's now current on all vaccinations, and the heartworm was a mild case so her prognosis is good.

We were very happy to be able to help Robin and Sable. (January 2007)

Siberian Husky Rescue of New Mexico - Sierra - New Mexico Sierra

Sierra is a young red and white female Siberian with brown eyes. She was diagnosed with lateral luxating patellas in both her right and left knees. The left kneecap is particularly bad and Steven Estep requested help with funding this surgery. He describes Sierra as "a very sweet dog with a great personality. We believe she will be very adoptable after healing from the surgery to repair her knees."

We were glad to help and wish Sierra a speedy recuperation so she can soon be in her forever home. (January 2007)