2015 (24 dogs)

Here are the dogs we have helped in 2015. We were pleased to make contributions towards their medical expenses to ensure happy and healthy lives for them all.

Please click on the Funding Requirements link on the left if you have a rescue dog that needs out of the ordinary medical treatment. Please make sure you read and understand our requirements prior to making an application. The link to the rescue application is at the end of the requirements.

The Shannon Foundation - Willow - Missouri Willow

Willow is eight years old, a red and white Siberian with blue eyes. She developed heartworms and is currently in foster care. Fortunately, hers was a mild case and treatment was relatively inexpensive.

We were pleased to provide funding for Willow's treatment from our Julie Moreland Heart Fund (click here). (December 2015)

Project Pearl - Hogan - North Carolina Hogan before Hogan after

This young boy was picked up by animal control after having been hit by a car and breaking a leg. He was taken to an emergency facility to have it set and cast and his owners were notified. Alas, they did not come to claim Hogan and he was considered abandoned. Melissa's rescue intervened and placed Hogan in foster care.

His leg did not heal, he was in severe pain and, despite medication, Hogan was quite miserable. His leg was re-cast four times. Fore-limb amputation was deemed the wisest solution. Hogan is now a different dog: happy and smiling.

We were very pleased to help with funding for his surgery. (November 2015)

Sophie's Circle Dog Rescue - Jade - Florida Jade Jade giving kisses

Jade is a beautiful young girl (9 months) who was picked up as a stray. Her leg had been broken and Kathy told us that it had healed incorrectly. When she saw Jade she knew that the leg needed surgical correction.

Kathy says she is sweet, beautiful, happy and high-energy. And now she will have a leg to allow her all the running she loves to do.

We contributed funds to ensure that! (November 2015)

Delaney's Dog - Sullivan - California Sullivan

Sullivan is a one-year old black and white boy whom Maureen rescued from Death Row. He had congenital deformities in both rear legs and needed expensive bilateral knee surgeries. Delaney's Dog had a successful fundraising and received a a substantial vet discount. We were very happy to provide additional funding.

Maureen writes that "Sullivan is a charmer. All those who meet him love him." (October 2015)

The Siberian Husky Emergency Life Line (SHELL) - Sitka - Ohio Sitka Sitka in your face

Kristen wrote that this little pup in SHELL'S care was lethargic, began vomiting and developed uncontrolled diarrhea. Sitka tested positive for parvo and needed immediate treatment which included ICU hospitalization, isolation, IV fluids and antibiotics.

We were happy to pay for Sitka's treatment and wish this little girl a long and happy life. (October 2015)

Love Habitat Rescue - Loki - California Loki

This handsome young boy was in foster care when he suffered cluster seizures and became comatose. This warranted expensive emergency care and hospitalization. Loki underwent numerous tests and treatments to stabilize his epilepsy.

He is now on daily anti-seizure medication and his foster parents are committed to keeping him. We were happy to help with funding for his treatment. (October 2015)

Delaware Valley Siberian Husky Rescue, Inc. - Max - Pennsylvania Max in recovery Max

Max (five years old) was in foster care and seemingly healthy when he began exhibiting respiratory problems. He tested positive for Lyme Disease with further complications: he was diagnosed with a pneumothorax and underwent several expensive surgical procedures.

Chris's rescue did an admirable job of fundraising and we were able to provide substantial help, too. We wish Max a long and healthy life. (October 2015)

Gaisha, Tundra and Spirit's Place - Desna - Florida Desna

Desna (age 5) had been adopted by a very young couple from a Miami shelter which gives preference to adopters rather than to rescues. Desna was suffering from cancerous mammary tumours which needed attention.

Although the adopters did some fundraising, they didn't follow through on treatment for Desna and Natalie's rescue took her in. They were able to do more very necessary fundraising to pay for the surgeries to remove the tumours. We were glad to be able to help. (September 2015)

Independent - Koda - California Koda

This young boy was pulled from a California shelter and diagnosed with elevated bile acids and liver enzymes. He needed specialized, complex and expensive surgery for a liver shunt.

Koda has an excellent prognosis for a long life. We were pleased to contribute substantial funding for his surgery. (September 2015)

Sophie's Circle Husky Rescue - Skye - Florida Skye Skye

Skye is less than two years old and an owner surrender. She had given birth and developed double mastitis. Kathy was contacted and made arrangements to have Skye flown to her from Georgia. When she arrived she was in very poor shape and both milk glands had ruptured. She was taken to an ER hospital for emergency surgery and a few days later released into the care of a vet tech who has since adopted her.

Kathy writes that Skye "is a darling little silver husky with pretty blue eyes and the sweetest disposition ever. While in the ER she was still giving kisses and wagging her tail."

We were delighted to help with Skye's medical bills. Happy endings are so nice! (August 2015)

Hairy Houdini Siberian Husky Rescue - King - Michigan

King was rescued from a hoarder situation living with 20 other dogs in filthy conditions. He was diagnosed with heartworms. Jordin writes that "he is truly a sweet boy, very kind, gentle and playful. He even cuddles!"

You can read more about King at his PetFinder profile by clicking here.

We were happy to pay for King's treatment and wish him a happy life. (July 2015)

A Passion for Paws - Brando - California

When Sandra rescued this four-year old boy she thought his skin issues might be caused by allergies. After trying flea treatments, special baths, a change in diet, Brando's condition did not improve. She told us that "he was extremely uncomfortable and was crying."

In fact he had demodetic mange and a secondary skin infection. Brando had six injections (one a week) and he is now mange free. And his fur is growing back.

We were happy to pay for Brandon's treatment. He will be looking for his forever home soon. (July 2015)

Gaish, Tundra & Spirit's Place - Bars - Florida Bars

Bars is six years old, white with blue eyes. And she was diagnosed with heartworms.Fortunately, her case was less severe than Ghost's and she has recuperated well.

We were pleased to provide funding for Bars and wish her a happy life! (July 2015)

Gaish, Tundra & Spirit's Place - Ghost - Florida Ghost

This beautiful young lady (two years old) was an all-white Siberian who was diagnosed with heartworms. We agreed to fund her treatment: heartworm is rarely the death sentence it used to be. Alas, Ghost's infestation was too advanced for her to recover. She died shortly after her initial treatment.

We honoured our commitment because the rescue was still responsible for payment for her treatment. (June 2015)

The Siberian Husky Emergency Life Line (SHELL) - Thora - Ohio

Thora was diagnosed with pyometra and needed immediate treatment. As well, she had a tumour which needed removal. She is nine years old and was in danger of euthanization at a gassing shelter when Kristen's rescue pulled her.

Shellfund received funding from the SHCA Trust and we were pleased to fund the balance. In addition, Shellfund benefited from a very generous vet who provided Thora's care at cost.

Thora will be ready for adoption soon and has several potential forever families ready to love this lady who has a new spring to her step! (June 2015)

Northern Exposure Siberian Husky Rescue - Diesel - New Jersey

This handsome boy is six years old and was diagnosed with heartworms. His treatment was very expensive and we were pleased to be able to help.

We hope that Diesel will find his forever home soon. (June 2015)

A Passion for Paws - Seika - California

Seika is a three-year old girl pulled from a shelter. She was suffering from an irritating and painful condition called entropion in her right eye. Entropion causes the eyelashes to grow inwards scraping the lens. It causes inflammation and a risk for potential ulcers.

We were pleased to make a substantial contribution to assure a pain free and happy life for this pretty girl. (June 2015)

Ranch Dog Rescue - Kane - California
Kane Kane

We were shocked and saddened to read about the abuse this little pup suffered at the hands of his owners--two U.S. Marines. Kane needed cruciate ligament surgeries on both hind legs after alleged beatings.

And his snout had been rubber-banded shut. Maureen sent us horrifying photos showing Kane's scars.

His teeth were rotting, but they were his baby teeth so no dental work was needed as the new teeth are coming in.

Kane is just a young puppy. He is still recovering and may be available for adoption although right now it looks like he might be a foster failure. You can follow Kane's progress via the Ranch Dog Rescue Facebook page.

We made a major contribution towards Kane's surgeries. (June 2015)

The Siberian Husky Emergency Life Line (SHELL) - Duna - Ohio
Duna Duna

Duna, a five-year old girl, was a sadly neglected owner surrender. Duna needed a surgical repair for a dislocated hip and dental work to remove plaque.

Shellfund received a very generous rescue discount and we were pleased to contribute most of the cost of Duna's treatment.

Duna has a very good prognosis for recuperation and an excellent chance of living a normal life. She will be available for adoption once she has healed. (April 2015)

Arctic Rescue - Leah - Utah

This lovely six-year old lady was relinquished to an Alaska shelter just before her owners moved. She had medical issues and was a poor prospect for adoption.

Maren's rescue had her transported to Utah. Leah was diagnosed with a mass on her shoulder and stiffness in her hind legs. The mass was an innocuous fatty cell lipoma, but the problem in her hind legs showed torn cruciate ligaments.

Leah had successful TPLO surgeries and removal of the fatty tumour; her prognosis for a normal life is excellent. She is recuperating well with an experienced foster family.

We were pleased to contribute to Leah's surgeries and wish her a pain-free and happy life. (March 2015)

The Siberian Husky Emergency Life Line (SHELL) - Maverick - Ohio

This little pup is a Siberian Husky mix who, as Kristen wrote us, "was diagnosed with aspirational pneumonia and an extra-hepatic liver shunt." He was seriously ill and needed life-saving and complicated surgery. As Maverick's vet told us: "The extra-hepatic shunt is an abnormally large blood vessel shunting blood to the rest of his body, bypassing the liver, thus releasing toxins into the body."

The corrective surgery was successful and Maverick's prognosis for a normal life is excellent.

Kristen's rescue received a generous discount for the surgery and we were happy to contribute as well.

And the best news of all: Maverick has found his forever family! (March 2015)

The Last Resort Rescue - Sasha - New Jersey

This young girl was an owner surrender. Julia's rescue was told that because her owners were expecting a baby, they no longer had time to care for her. What they didn't tell the rescue was that Sasha had sustained a severe injury that required extensive surgery. When she was checked, she was limping and it was clear that she was suffering from a torn cruciate ligament and had probably been in pain for several weeks.

TPLO is expensive surgery and this rescue was very proactive in raising considerable funds to help.

We were very pleased to provide the additional funding they needed. Sasha is currently in foster care and is expected to make a full recovery. (February 2015)

Yakima Valley Pet Rescue - Oxi - Washington

This young two-year old girl was at the Yakima Humane Society when Shelley's rescue pulled her. Oxi had been hit by a car and needed surgery for her broken leg. She may also recently have given birth, but alas, no puppies were found.

Despite her pain, Oxi was a sweet and patient girl. The surgery was successful although she will require a splint for a few weeks to help strengthen her leg!

We were pleased to help substantially with Oxi's treatment and hope to hear that she has found her forever home very soon. She is now "Roxy." (January 2015)

Dog Star Rescue - Kratos - Connecticut

This young boy had been newly adopted when he escaped from his house a few days later. Donna's group got involved to find him and return him to his new owners, but they decided to surrender him to her rescue. Kratos had been struck by a car and needed surgery on his leg.

Donna turned to social media and raised an amazing amount of money for Kratos including unsolicited donations and a generous veterinarian's discount. We were happy to provide the balance to help Kratos, who Donna says, is a wonderful dog. (January 2015)