2023 (17 dogs)

Here are the dogs we have helped so far in 2023. We are pleased to make contributions towards their medical expenses to ensure happy and healthy lives for them all.

Please click on the Funding Requirements link on the left if you have a rescue dog that needs medical treatment beyond the ordinary needs of spaying/neutering, boarding, annual shots, and things like that. Please make sure you read and understand our requirements prior to making an application. The link to the rescue application is at the end of the requirements.

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Molly A Pathway to Hope - Molly - New Jersey

We were all appalled to hear Molly's story. She was found at the side of a busy highway, severely injured, dehydrated, and emaciated. She had been struck by a car and left to die. It's likely she had been there for a week. Animal Control contacted A Pathway to Hope who took her to hospital. The owner was found but couldn't afford her care. Molly is three years old and had been used for breeding. (The owner said he was breeding Siberians "unintentionally" and giving them away.)

Molly had three pelvic fractures which had begun to knit, but needed femoral surgery (FHO). Amy writes that "she is gentle, but withdrawn, and it will take her time to heal both physically and emotionally."

Molly is currently with a caring foster family. We hope she will find her very special forever family soon.

A Pathway to Hope did outstanding fundraising for Molly and we were very happy to provide the balance needed. (November 2023)

Burton and buddy A Pathway to Hope - Burton - New Jersey

We helped Burton a few months ago when he was diagnosed with heartworms. At the time, he had other issues, but treating his heartworms was the priority.

Burton was also suffering from a nasal deformity—a mass on the side of his nose. He had a CT scan, a biopsy (the mass was benign), and laser surgery to remove it.

A Pathway to Hope raised considerable funds for Burton and we were pleased to provide the balance. (November 2023)

Kenai Kenai Transport A Pathway to Hope - Kenai - New Jersey

Kenai is three years old and with her sister, Luna, was abandoned at a shelter by her owner. Luna was adopted but Kenai tested positive for heartworms so remained at the shelter in desperate need of rescue.

Amy writes that she was transported to A Pathway to Hope via the Good Flights Program. "She has a loving and committed foster family who will care for her through her heartworm treatment with the potential to adopt her. She is a super sweet girl!"

We were very happy to help Kenai with funds from the Richard and Julia Moreland Heartworm Fund. (November 2023)

Kato Middlesex Animal Shelter/Pet Friends for Life - Kato - Virginia

Kato is two years old and was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes and partial retinal detachment in both eyes. Without surgery he would lose all vision within two years.

Kato is a shelter Siberian and meets all the criteria for a successful outcome for both cataract surgeries and retinal re-attachments.

The shelter (in conjunction with Pet Friends for Life) raised an amazing $6300 for Kato's surgeries and we were delighted to provide most of the balance.

Things are looking up (pun intended!) for this young boy and we hope he finds his forever home very soon. (November 2023)

Calypso * Independent - Calypso - California

Calypso is six months old and was pulled from a shelter. She had been vaccinated for Parvo Virus at the shelter and re-vaccinated when rescued three weeks later. Unfortunately, the protection wasn't enough: she came into contact with a puppy who was very ill and as a consequence, Calypso developed the infection.

The treatment was very costly and involved days of hospitalization with 24-hour care. Calypso has since recovered and has been re-vaccinated!

We were happy to provide funding to ensure a long, healthy life for Calypso. (June 2023)

Burton Before After A Pathway to Hope - Burton - New Jersey

Burton is 3 years old, a stray rescued from a New Orleans shelter through Good Flights. He arrived at A Pathway to Hope with heartworms and a mangled nose and lip. He had a growth / abscess that fell off while at the shelter.

The priority, however, was to treat his heartworms before embarking on any surgery. Burton is happily recuperating with a loving foster family.

We were very pleased to provide funding for his heartworm treatment from the Richard and Julia Moreland Heartworm Fund and from our general funds. (June 2023)

Ember Hope 4 Huskies - Ember - Washington

This little escape artist (an owner surrender) was left unsupervised and ended up dangling on a fence for two hours. She suffered a long laceration to her right thigh which became infected. It required surgery and drain tubes.

Ember is recovering well, using her leg, and best news of all, she's been adopted!

We were pleased to help this little pup. (June 2023)

Canelo Independent - Canelo - California

Canelo's owners abandoned him and a Good Samaritan who lived across the street took pity on him and decided to care for him. Canelo had a lower left protruding canine and he was experiencing difficulty eating. He seemed to be in pain.

A vet checkup revealed infection in the tooth and surrounding the mouth. The vet described the tooth as "twisting outward from the mouth with odour and necrotic gum tissue surrounding the mouth. The tooth positioning was probably caused by trauma."

Canelo needed to have the tooth extracted and a biopsy done of the surrounding tissue.

We were very pleased to contribute funds to help Canelo and another organization has provided the remainder.

And we think this lucky boy has found his forever home with his Good Samaritan! (April 2023)

Kobe Husky House - Kobe - New Jersey

This little pup (12 weeks) was to be euthanized. She had a fractured front right leg and her owners took her to a vet specialist, but then refused treatment and also refused to surrender her. They took her to an animal control shelter to be euthanized.

Husky House was contacted and took her in. Kobe needed surgery to repair the fracture: the insertion of a screw and pin. It was expensive surgery and Husky House raised some funds; we were happy to help as well.

Kobe is recuperating well and will soon be ready for adoption. (March 2023)

Sky2 Texas Sled Dog Rescue - Sky2 - Texas

Sky2 is a seven-year-old female who was found as a stray and taken to this rescue. The finder offered to foster her as no owner came forward.

She was vetted and diagnosed with a partial retinal displacement and late Immature cataracts in both eyes. Sky2 had the necessary surgery to restore her vision and her vet is delighted with her progress and recuperation.

The rescue raised some funds for Sky2's surgeries and we were pleased to contribute to restoring her sight. (January 2023)

Puppy 1 Hope 4 Huskies - Six Abandoned Puppies - Washington

Three female and three male puppies (3 months old) were dumped in a tote and left outside overnight at this rescue. They were found to be suffering from incipient kennel cough, roundworms, and coccidiosis.

The puppies were treated with broad spectrum antibiotics and cough suppressants and are recovering well.

We were very happy to pay for their treatment and hope that Dasher, Clarice, Comet, Cupid, Vixen and Rudolph find their forever homes very soon! (January 2023)

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Leighas Homeless to Home Husky Rescue Inc. - Ghost - Pennsylvania

Ghost is five years old and a normal, healthy Siberian with no underlying medical issues. But when he was returned to Homeless to Home, he was found to have four teeth in need of serious dental work: root canal therapy.

Sharon had a choice of extraction or root canals: she chose root canals, which, while more expensive, offered a safer solution for the potential complications four extractions could bring.

We were impressed with the detailed explanations the vet gave and Sharon's choice of root canal therapy for Ghost.

The rescue raised some funds and we were pleased to help Ghost who has had his surgeries and is recovering well. He had been adopted.(January 2023)